Glenn from unite came with a brief for a complete overhaul of the companies branding. To take something from the 20th century into the 21st.

We started with Glenn by identifying what parts of the current branding he wanted to keep and what he wanted to be freshened up. He wanted the company to still be easily identifiable by the Unite Globe, something that’s been a key part of the logo since the companies inception in the early 2000’s. He wanted to keep his colour palette and wanted the new branding to swap seamlessly into parts of the companies workspace where the old branding is situated. With 6 vans already on the road we wanted minimal cost to Glenn when it came to updating the branding on the existing vans as well as being able to take this branding up a step on newer vans, keeping the identity of Unite on the road as well as taking minimal downtime when refreshing the branding on his excising vans and signage.

A full rebranding of Unite SES

Right from the first draft it was clear that Glenn wanted to move away from a “flat” logo, he wanted something with depth and dimension. Eventually settling on the logo below. A bright 3 dimensional globe with the Unite text orbiting around it, a familiar face with a fresh and modern look, encompassing the companies new eco-friendly and more environmentally conscientious approach.

Creating a media pack

Unite Call Card

Outside of Updating existing elements of the company Glenn wanted a fresh look to the company’s physical media, New letterheads, notepads, call out cards and invoices. Again keeping the same colour palette and familiar look of the globe, so that existing customers can still easily see that they are still dealing with a company they trust and have trusted for years.

Modern Quote Design

Unite Invoice

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