Groove Records

Owen came to Studio A92 looking for an alternate way into the music industry, already a great DJ in his flat, himself and two others decided “if you can’t get employed by a nightclub, make your own.” At this point Groove was born and after a conversation with a local pub and record store owner, who happened to also have a late licence, an impromptu nightclub was born.

Logo and Branding

Owen and Groove wanted something simple and colorful, while also being retro inspired as it was a disco focused nightclub. The pink and navy colour scheme keeps the logo bright and airy and the simplicity allowed for it to be easily replicable for hand painted murals that were already in planning for the club.The collaboration with Spin Records was another key part of the branding for the first event so their colours and logo had to be well represented, in future the logo had to be able to just as easily look good alongside future events partners and stand out in a large group of events in a city crowded with great nightlife.

Poster Design

Groove was to be launched as a brand alongside the first even at Spin, therefor this first campaign needed to set them out from the rest, Owen came to us and through hours of meetings and formatting we came up with a head to toe plan on a launch, everything from posters and facebook campaigns to graffiti art and sleek modern signage. For physical advertising we focused on Aberdeens already prominent poster cases that can be seen advertised all over the city,  at A0 they need something bright and memorable, a flyer campaign was launched, A6 seemed the perfect size, through some local market research we determined that A5 posters just get thrown away almost immediately by students, its simply to big and bulky to fit in a hoodie pocket or a wallet, meaning its a complete pain to keep it and take it to the club for a discount, A6 is phone size and can easily be folded and stuffed into a wallet or a phone case. Alongside this physical campaign StudioA92 and Groove ran a social media campaign on both facebook and instagram, with StudioA92 creating the facebook logos and header graphics as well as campaign, competition and winners designs.

Flyer Design

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