Alba Heat and Power

Wayne from Alba Heat and Power came to us with a brief for a total branding and website overhaul, as well as starting looking into vehicle design and the beginnings of marketing and analytics.

Web Development

Alba Heat and Power already had a 6/10 website, it had all the right ingredients but nobody had turned on the hob, using the excising layout and information we went in and changed everything visual to fit with Albas new and improved look, making sure the parallaxing backgrounds and the buttons fitted right in to the updated branding, working around Waynes already vast amounts of information contained on the site. The new look is now scalable  and adaptable across devices, with specific Mobile and tablet optimisations, alongside an updated reviews and testimonials section, Updated SEO and a bank of new images from recent work.


Alba Heat and Power Logo

From the get-go Wayne gave us a blank canvas, he had no preconceptions about the design other than that he wanted to include purple somewhere within the branding. Recognising the obvious links to Scotland with a name like “Alba heat and power,” we started to look at a basic marque, an icon that represents everything the company is about as well as being adaptable and transferable across a vast array of media formats and platforms. Rather fittingly we decided on a stag, distinctively Scottish and a perfect representation of power, coloured with shades of purple, the marque is scalable, reactive and can be easily recreated both physically and digitally.

Vehicle Wrap


Alongside our web re-design and branding package, Alba asked us to complete a mock-up for their van. We wanted to optimise the design to keep down material cost for our customer but also maximise aesthetics. All of the wraps from Studio A92 go through our close partner DAS, they have been wrapping cars for many years and are extremely reliable.

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